WODs Oct 4-10

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Coming up…

Return of the Max: After spending a couple of months in Europe with his fiancée, Sandra, Max is back! He will be on the coaching schedule this month – after jury duty! Welcome home – we missed you.

It’s a goner: The Tu/Th 7:15am class is leaving us. There were not enough people interested in the time-slot to make it work, so we are pulling it from the schedule. If we need an additional class in 2022, we will add in an 8:15am to take the pressure of the 9:30am class. Watch out for that in the new year.

Festivus last call: This is the last week to sign up for Festivus – Go grab a partner, and throw down. We can ALL do these workouts, so c’mon guys! Any questions, ask LisaMac.

Tween Empowerment: Our new Tween class with coach Maya starts on Monday, and is created for middle-school students of all fitness levels.  Visit the website to sign up for this initial four-week taster.
Tween Empowerment: Mondays @ 4:20pm
Teen Empowerment: M/W @ 3:15pm | Oly on Fridays @ 3:15pm.

VSX this week…

A great week of programming ahead, with the OH progression for this cycle acting differently from other strength movements. There will be a variety of OH complexes to build strength and improve cycling.

Strength: Tempo Bench Press

Workout: Rounds for time
Cal Bike and Toes to Bar

Strength:  Hang Power Snatch

Workout: AMRAP
Hang Power Snatches, Hand Release Push-Ups, Slam Balls

Strength: Tempo Back Squats

Double Unders, Sit-Ups, Russian KB Swings

Strength: Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk

Workout: For time
Jumping Lunges, Up-Downs Over the Bar, S2OH

Strength: Power Clean, Hang Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean

Workout: AMRAP ascending ladder
Power Cleans and Cal Bike/Row

Workout: “CINDY”
Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Air Squats

Strength: Post workout
Alt. DB Hammer Curls, Single DB OH Tricep Extension, DB Lateral Raises

Feel the VS Burn
Working through four 4:00 stations

VS Power this week…

There is no movement overlap with our VSX programming this week, so easy to fit in back-to-back WODS after the 5:30pm class.

5×5 Tempo Back Squats
Clapping Push-ups, Seated DB Strict Presses, DB Peck Flys on Bench
Box step-ups

Narrow-grip Bench descending ladder
Chin-ups, Body Rows, Alt Seated DB Curls

7×3 Deadlift @ 80%
Farmers Carry, L-Sit Holds, Sled Push

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