WODs Oct 18-24

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This week in the gym! 

Mobility: We have moved all the rollers, lacrosse balls, and mats up the “mobility room”. Stay after class and to a 20 min ROMWOD on the computer. It’s an awesome recovery tool for post-workout. (ROMWOD: Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day). Not only will you better resist injury, you will also build much-needed flexibility in key positions.

Saturday Oct 23 is Shannon’s neck and shoulder mobility workshop. EVERYONE needs this. Chronic neck and shoulder stickyness is endemic in our computer-oriented lifestyles. Find the moves that will help you relieve the tension and come unglued! Sign up here.
Starting on November 7 is the PR Camp series. Time to dial in your lifts to have benchmarks for the start of the new year. Sign up here.
Last week of OLY! We will be ending strong with heavy cleans and adding in the jerk/split jerk element. Teens will continue on Fridays once Oly is finished.
Festivus is this Saturday: Come and support your friends as they lay it all out in Puyallup – and take on the most challenging form of human movement; the Vashon Ferries!
VS Power: Lots of overlap this week, so focus will be Monday – Deadlifts. Wednesday – Back squats. Friday – Bench!


 VSX this week…

Strength: Tempo back squats
Workout AMRAP x 14 minutes
DB hang power cleans, lunges and situps
Strength: Sumo deadlifts and box jumps
Benchmark workout: “Fight Gone Bad”
Wall balls, sumo deadlift high pulls, box jumps, push press, row
Strength: Tempo bench press
Workout: 2 rounds for time
Burpees, running, slam
Strength: Hang squat clean, squat clean thruster
Benchmark workout: “Painkiller”
Thrusters, toes to bar, row
Strength: Push press, push jerks
Workout: Rounds for time
Push-ups, Plate GTO
Strength:  Zottman curls, skull crusher, upright rows
Workout: EMOM 16:00
Bike, plate gun hold, up-downs, weighted plank hold


Coaches choice burn


Did you know…

The burpee is the movement that every CrossFitter has a love/hate relationship with. It’s the great equalizer that can make every person — Games athlete or everyday citizen — stop and bend over with their hands on their knees. 

Nick Anapolsky, an affiliate owner from Ontario, CA, threw down the gauntlet for CrossFitters around the world. He set a new world record for the number of burpees completed in one hour. He finished a staggering 879 reps and locked up a Guinness World Record.

The previous world record for burpees completed in one hour belonged to Macauley Jones. The Australian completed 870 reps in one hour back in 2019, becoming a Guinness World Record holder in the process. He averaged 14.5 reps per minute while Anapolsky averaged 14.65 reps per minute. 

Anapolsky completed the challenge at Polsky’s Strength and Conditioning. He posted a video of the final reps and the group of people cheering for him. Once the timer marked the end of the hour, the official scorekeeper confirmed that Anapolsky had hit 879. 

So to beat him you need to be doing 15 burpees every minute for an hour… Any takers (Ann Donahoe)!

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