WODs Oct 11-17

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Reminders this week…

Gratitude: Special thanks to Simon for staying after the WOD on Saturday and helping clean up the dumbbells and vacuum. It makes so much difference – and the space looks all the better for it. The challenge now is to keep the dumbbell rack looking this good for more than a day!

Mobility: We have moved all the rollers, lacrosse balls, and mats up the “mobility room”. Take some time before class to pop in and get ready to work out –  or stay a little afterward – hang out, stretch and be with your gym buddies. And keep an eye out for regular mobility updates from Coach Shannon.

VS Power will mix the days up this week so as not to overlap with the regular VSX workouts.
Monday: Back Squat, Wednesday: Deadlift, Friday: Bench.

VSX this week…

VSX hits the shoulder to overhead hard again this week starting Monday, we are starting off the week firing on all cylinders! The strength work will lay the foundation for the workouts which will have everyone pressing the gas pedal to the floor the entire time! Look out for Wednesday’s benchmark workout – we’ve done this beast before, and jokingly call it the tall-person WOD – A wallball and rowing sandwich!

Strength: Strict press, push press and push jerks
Workout: Push jerks and up-downs


Strength: High hang power clean, hang power clean and power clean
Workout: Power cleans , sit-ups and double unders


Strength: Tempo back squats
Benchmark workout: “Trident”
Wall balls, cal row, wall balls,


Strength: Tempo bench press
Workout: Running. knees to elbow, and push-ups


Strength: Sumo deadlift
Workout: Sumo deadlift, bar facing burpees, box jumps


Strength: Snatches
Workout: Cal bike and power snatches


Feel the VS Burn
Working through four stations

VS Power this week…

As mentioned earlier, we will mix the days up this week so as not to overlap with the regular VSX workouts.

Dual Kettlebell Front Squat
Ring FLR, Alternating KB Floor Press in Glute Bridge
Split Squats


Sled Push
Glute Ham Raises
Single Leg Barbell RDL
Single Leg Banded Hamstring Curls


Behind the Neck Standing Strict Press
Single Arm Top of Ring Row hold
Double KB Front Rack Carry


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