WODs Nov 29-Dec 5

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Community gym fun! Sign up if you want to be included in the gifting this year. Max spend $25.00 Wrap your present and leave under the gym tree… Names to be pulled out of the hat next week.

Count me in!

Winter is coming…

Holiday gift guide: Gear up for the holidays – what to get and where to get it!

Tweens Class: The last session of the year is full – please email Maya to get put on the waitlist or to be notified when sign-up is available for next year.

Coaches Shannon and Coach Josh have stocked up the Mobility palace!  We found nifty new rollers with both nubby sides and flat sides.  We also added a few larger mobility balls with the grooved surface to best mobilize stuck down tissue. Give yourself an extra few minutes before or after your workout to check out the new gear!

ROMWOD!  Stay after your workout and use the mobility room and work on your range of motion with ROMWODDaily videos to optimize your range of motion, improve your mobility, and accelerate recovery.

Coming soon! New scheduling software with our very own app! It’s being given a thorough run-through by our member test group, but promises to be so much easier and efficient for you all. Look out for the invite to download (as soon as we’ve ironed out the kinks!)

December Mobility Pop-Up…

Wednesday, December 8th at 6:35pm,  Mobility for the Shoulders!
Wednesday, December 15th at 6:35pm,  Mobility for the Hips and Ankles!
Coach Shannon just couldn’t let December roll by without a mobility workshop!  In fact, she will be bringing you the “Best of Mobility 2021” with a reprise of two of her most popular workshops. So if you missed them the first time, really prefer evening classes, or would just like a refresher this is for you! 

Sign up now!


VSX this week…

A member asked why we do not give the whole workout online/email like we used to do. Quick answer – it’s a copyright infringement. So we give tantalizing tidbits rather than the full meal deal!

: Push press/Push jerks

Workout: E3MOM
Burpees, Shoulder-to-overhead, situps
:Power cleans

Workout: AMRAP
Cleans, box jumps, rowing
: Front Squat

Workout: EMOM
Running and wallballs
: Dumbell upper-body accessory work

Workout: EMOM
Ring-rows, floor press, DB slides, up-downs
: Deadlift

Benchmark workout: “Thorassic Park”
Deadlifts, toes-to-bar, double-unders
: Bench Press

Workout AMRAP
Running, push-ups, renegade rows

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