WODs Nov 22-28

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It’s a short-ish week…

We will be on a short schedule this week, for Thanksgiving.

  • Regular classes on Mon/Tue/Wed
  • Holiday schedule (9:00am/10:15am) Thurs/Fri/Sat
  • Last Sunday class: 9:15am

Tween Class: The final tween class for 2021 will start on Nov 29 and run for four Mondays, through Dec. 20. Sign up for the series and enjoy fitness fun with Coach Maya.

Secret Santa: Sign up if you want to be included for the fun gifting this year. Max spend $25.00

Follow up on the survey: Thank you for taking our survey. The response was pretty clear with over 2/3 of those who responded favoring the earlier classes. We will put together a Q1 coaching schedule that will include all the new class times and revised programming, so you can pick the WOD that works best for your schedule! A PDF download of the revised schedule will be available in next week’s email. As always (test and retest) we will gather feedback on the new class times, and find out what’s working and what we can do better, so please share your thoughts with Josh.


VSX this week…

: Power cleans

Benchmark workout: “Elizabeth-ish”
Power cleans and HR Push-ups
: Bench press

Workout: EMOM
Bike, T2B, Slamballs
: Deadlifts

Workout: EMOM
Deadlifts and Double-unders
: Push press, push jerk

Benchmark workout: “Stuffed”
Shoulder-to-overhead, Sit-ups, Burpees, Row
: Front squat

Benchmark workout: “Clearance Sale”
Front squats, pull-ups, box jumps
: Snatch

Workout AMRAP
Snatch, OH Lunge, Push-ups, Mountain-climbers
Last Sunday WOD
Coaches’ choice


Did you know…

We are less than 100 days away from the 2022 Crossfit Open! Crazy, huh!

In true VS style, we will be celebrating the event with tons of fun around the WODS, with teams, head-to-heads, and, of course, costumes.

How can you prepare? Well, certain movements ALWAYS crop up, so now’s your chance to put some sustained effort into dialing in these skills:

  1. Double-unders: Start practicing and get your own rope.
  2. Wall balls
  3. Thrusters
  4. Box-jumps
  5. Rowing – up your cardio game. Let’s face it, most of the workouts on the Open are going to be “For Time.” Not only do you need to run against the clock, but you will also need to take smart breaks between sets.
  6. Burpees
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