Why Most Gyms Get Started

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on Why Most Gyms Get Started

Most gyms get started so that the person who starts them can focus on their own fitness. You can spend time on the fun lifts. You can find a program, or set your own goals and follow your own definition of fitness. Open gym all day!

What they don’t tell you is that while it might be fun, it’s not effective. You’re not the best coach for yourself. Setting aside three hours a day for training is not worth it. It IS worth it to focus on making the gym a great place for others to enjoy, and then enjoy it yourself.

My fitness has gone through stages. It’s peak was not when I had the most time to workout or when i was lifting the heaviest weight. It was when I was taking action toward my goal of making the gym a better business. Bringing on other coaches, thinking with them about what’s working and not working, reading about how to improve processes, and talking with other gyms about what they’ve done. It’s been challenging and stressful and worth it.

Why did that translate into my own fitness? Because it’s incredibly effective to have an hour of time at CrossFit where i’m coached by other coaches. To be held accountable to quality movement and encouraged to push my limits.

It’s nice to go to my own gym, and be very fit and happy as a result. Thank you to all the coaches, and to all the members for being motivating training partners!


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