What If We Achieved ‘Good Enough’ Instead Of Perfect?

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on What If We Achieved ‘Good Enough’ Instead Of Perfect?

Hi All,

What if we accepted ‘good enough’ as the goal? How many things would we be able to move forward with?

And having moved forward or taken action – doesn’t it seem more likely that we will continue to improve? We will keep moving that ball forward? We will keep opening that door? We will keep raising the bar?

Because the fact of the matter, is that more workouts don’t get done because of not starting than starting and failing. More projects fail because of not starting as opposed to poor execution.

Perfect is the issue. ‘Good enough’ is good enough!

Workout Of The Day:

15minute AMRAP*

15 Calorie Row
15 Med-ball Situps

15 Push Jerks (15 Pushups if you don’t have a barbell)
15 Lateral hops over an object

*AMRAP stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible”, which translates to:
-minimize rest

-move efficiently without sacrificing technique

Have a great day!




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