WODs Sept 27-Oct 3

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Coming up…

Running a 5K: By the time you read this, Shannon’s running group will have completed their “Run for Hope”. Last Sunday, all the athletes who participated PR’d their test-out runs at the end of the eight-week series. If you missed out, you’ll get another chance next year when Shannon will run another cycle.

Use it or lose it! The Tu/Th 7:15 class is not getting much love – if you want it to stay on the schedule, then we need more people to show up for class. If it really does not work, then we will take it off the schedule and look at replacing it with something else. Let us know what you think!

A competition for the rest of us: TEAM VASHON STRONG NEEDS YOU!, Sign up for Festivus – Go grab a partner, and throw down. We can ALL do these workouts, so c’mon guys! Any questions, ask LisaMac.
VS Power: Getting the sleds out this week for our secondary work! Monday-back squats, Wednesday-bench, and Friday-deadlifts.

VS Power @ 6:45pm M/W/F. Get more info
VS Olympic Lifting: Heaving Snatch Balance? Snatch drops? – learn more about these athletic skills that work your mind as much as your body!

VS [email protected] 3:15pm Fridays. Get more info
Teen Empowerment: Our teen athletes blew me away this week, watching them snatch! We will be starting a “Tween Empowerment” class too, so if you know of any families who might be interested, email Maya directly. Times for tween TBC.
Teen Empowerment M/W @ 3:15pm | Optional Oly on Fridays @ 3:15pm

VSX this week…

A big shoulder focus this week, so make sure you are taking care of the spine, chest, shoulder and neck complexes. Stretching and mobilizing will be key support to building strength and avoiding injury.

Strength: Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Jerk
plus Hang Power Snatch

Workout: Try not to put the BB down in this snatch-fest workout. If you do, Slamballs and DUs await.
Hang Power Snatch
Double Unders

Strength: Single Arm Single Leg DB RDL
plus Barbell Hip Thrusts

Workout: Ascending ladder with the push-ups getting harder each round
Box Jumps

Strength: Push Press + Push Jerk

Workout: Sprint hard with this cardio sandwich.
Cal Bike
DB Hang Clean + Jerk
Cal Bike

Strength: Tempo Bench Press

Workout: Cardio, core and hammies EMOM style.
KB Goblet Lunges

Strength: Tempo Back Squats

Benchmark workout: “TENET”
9-15-21 Pull-Ups + Thrusters
15-12-9 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups + Thrusters

Workout: Work through a longer WOD and stretch your cardiovascular system.
1 Mile Run
2000/1750 Row
300 Double Unders

Post WOD Strength: Weighted Glute Bridge-Up
plus Strict Sit-Ups

Feel the booty-camp burn
Working through four stations

VS Power this week…

There is no movement overlap with our VSX programming this week, so have at it as we get the sleds out and stack up the weights.
Tempo Back Squat
Ring Push-ups
DB OH Tricep Extension
Banded Tricep Extensions

Bench ascending ladder
Bent-over Rows
Sled Pull
Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups

Sled Push
Reverse Sled Pull

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