Weekly WODs Sept 20-26

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Coming up…

A competition for the rest of us: Next stop, Festivus Games – so grab a partner, and sign up for mixed and same-sex pairs. We can ALL do these workouts, so let’s have a huge VashonStrong showing. Any questions, ask LisaMac.

VS Power: This week the work begins! Monday is always Backsquats, Wednesday, bench-press, and Friday deadlifts. If you simply want to up your game in one movement, feel free to attend that day only.
VS Power @ 6:45pm M/W/F. Get more info

Teen Empowerment: Our teen athletes are crazy good, and are looking for more 8-12th grate students to come join them. If you know of any families who might be interested, email Maya directly.
Teen Empowerment M/W @ 3:15pm | Optional Oly on Fridays @ 3:15pm too.

Mobility with Coach Shannon: Good range of motion is key to your athletic performance and to preventing injury. This week’s focus is Knees, calves and ankles: Running, jumping, weight-lifting, dancing… pretty much any movement on our feet needs good knee, calf and ankle mobility. Get the best exercises for improving your lower leg function.
Sept 25 @ 10:30am. Learn more and sign up.

VSX this week…

Be sure to carefully check out the WODS so you can maximize your effort this week, especially if you plan on attending the Power and Oly classes as well.

4×5 Tempo back squats (32×1)

AMRAP x 7:00
1-2-3-and so on… Front squats
2-4-6-and so on… Up-downs over bar
3-6-9-and so on… KB swings
-rest 2:00-
AMRAP x 7:00*
Repeat. *reset from the beginning.

4×5 Tempo bench press (32×1)

EMOM X 12:00 for max reps
1:00 – Double unders
1:00 – Push-ups*
1:00 – Toes to bar
1:00 – Cal row/bike/ski
*option for deficit or hand-release

EMOM x 6:00
5 Snatch grip behind the neck push-press
-rest 2:00-
EMOM x 6:00
5 Hang power snatch

10 rounds for time
5 DB goblet squats
10 Alt. DB snatch

E3MOM x 4 sets*
12 Alt. DB goblet front foot elevated
Reverse lunge

5 rounds for time
12 Deadlift
15 Pull-ups
300m run

5 sets*
1 strict press + 2 push press + 3 push jerk

2:00 on / 1:00 off
Until all work is completed…
60 Shoulder to overhead (115/75)|(75/55)
80 Sit-ups
100 Box jump overs (24/20)

Get your pump on – what will be in store?!

Time for your Boot camp sweat-fest!

VS Power this week…

And so the work begins. There may be some overlap in movements between VSX and VS Power this week, so be sure to check the WODs and plan accordingly.

Main: Back Squat 3×10; (3111)

Secondary: Upper Push 3 Sets
12 Wtd Push-ups
12 Strict Dips
12 Seated DB Strict

Main Bench 10-8-6-4-2

Secondary: Upper Pull 12:00 EMOM
10 Perfect Ring Rows
5/5 SA DB Bent Over
8 Wide Grip Pull-ups

Main: 16:00 E2MOM  6 Deadlifts

Secondary: 3 SETS
15 Weighted tempo good mornings (2121)
30 Banded Tricep Pulldowns

Each workout will also feature accessory work.

Mobility this week…

Shannon’s mobility workshop on ankles, knees and calves is quickly approaching. Sign up now, and give your lower leg some love!
Check out this exercise you can use right now!

Did you know

It’s national Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15.)? How will you celebrate?

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