Weekly WODs Nov 8th-14th

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This week…

PR Camp Postponed: We didn’t get quite enough interest in this class to get it off the ground, BUT we have decided to postpone it and possibly shorten it so it’s more accessible to people. Stay tuned, we aren’t done with it yet!

November Focus: Y’all, a quick shoutout to all the work you did in the spooky month of October. You did a ton of tempo work, and then last week you FILLED the PR board up with 3RMs in the Bench Press, Squat, and Push Jerk. Nice! The new mission is to find a PR-Gong to replace the PR-Bell and really give those PRs a celebratory hit. In November, we will be building to a 2RM in the Power Clean, Front Squat, and Deadlift. This will be a shorter cycle, only six weeks. ALSO VS POWER is coming to the end of its cycle. It was programmed as a 10-week Course and that time is coming near.

Mobility: Next mobility session with Coach Shannon is on Saturday November 20th, and will cover your hips and lumbar spine! Stay tuned for sign up links.

Coach Josh Wins in Seattle BJJ Competition: We believe it’s good for the soul to learn and play new sports. Be active. Take your strength and your fitness from the gym out into the world and have fun! Coach Josh has been applying his fitness to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (over the past year). This weekend, he competed in the Fuji Seattle Winter Championships and won his bracket in both Gi and No-Gi Divisions, nice work Josh! He says “Our gym programming is very applicable to sports. In BJJ there’s a lot of hand fighting which takes grip strength and that’s improved by barbell work. Also posture is important so all the strengthening we do with our glutes and backs and shoulders comes in handy.”.

VSX this week…

Strength: Tempo Floor Press and Banded Dante Rows
Workout: AMRAP
DB Push Jerks, Jumping Air Squats, Deficit Push UpsTuesday
Strength: Power Cleans
Workout: EMOM Benchmark “Little Bear”
Power Cleans

Strength: Front Squats
Workout: Rounds For Time
Running, KB Lunges, V-ups

Strength: Push Press
Workout: AMRAP
Box Jumps, Push Press, Pull-ups

Strength: Deadlifts
Workout: Sets
Calorie Bike, Deadlifts

Strength: Strict Gymnastics Movements
Workout: EMOM
Rowing, Toes To Bar

Sunday Burn
Coaches choice

VS Power this week…

Back Squat

Bench Press

KB Single Leg RDLs

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