VashonStrong Member Story: Teresa Louis

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Return of the member spotlight…

Teresa joined the gym in May and has been coming to a variety of different workouts. She’s mostly a morning person, and she looks for smaller groups because they are less overwhelming and also she can get more space! During On Ramp, she recommended the book “Breathe” by James Nestor which was an excellent read about the benefits of nasal breathing. I had wondered why she wouldn’t breathe through her mouth even during higher intensity cardiovascular workouts!

Earlier this month she reported some health benefits which always get me excited because I strongly believe that what we’re doing is for longevity, wellness, and improving quality of life. I asked if I could share her story.

-What brought you into the gym in the first place?
T: I was just back from my vacation in April and stepped on the scales. I had gained over
20 post-Covid pounds and had been informed that my A1C was 5.9, in the range for pre-diabetics. I realized I had to do something about it and in a hurry.

-What was your first impression of the gym, and how has it changed?
T: It was slightly overwhelming at first, and I was not certain that I could keep up with the intensity of the workouts. But with a little coaxing from Josh and the staff, and a few private lessons, I decided to give it a shot.

-What was your first Bright Spot!?
T: I noticed that the workouts were starting to get easier and I was starting to complete more reps. I finally felt like I was breaking through my limits.

-What are you working on now?
T: Working to further reduce my A1C, which is now in the normal range of 5.6 and strengthening my core. Also I have shed about 15 pounds with the workout and intermittent fasting and have about 5 more pounds to lose to make my health goal.

-What are you most passionate about?
T: Staying healthy and being fit and my two most important goals. I like water sports and they all require a level of fitness that I believe the workouts will help me achieve.

Happy Friday!

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