Spooky Halloween Pics!

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on Spooky Halloween Pics!

Hi Friends,

Shout out to our resident photographer Brian Lee!

Brian has been behind the camera many many times. He’s helped capture the look and feel of the gym since the beginning, it’s too bad we don’t have many pictures of him because he’s been front and center in at countless workouts over the years!

When we first met Brian he had had a long athletic history of cycling, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, rowing, and running; now he was looking for a regular gym routine. He quickly became a regular and lightened every workout with his good nature, while darkening the floor with legendary post-WOD sweat angels!

Brian puts it all out there, does it with a smile, and if you ever see him out running, I promise you he’s working hard though it may look like he’s floating through the air effortlessly.

Thanks Brian, we love having you at the gym, and thank you for all the amazing shots, especially the ones you got of the 5:30am crew that you took on multiple occasions!

Happy Friday!
The VashonStrong Crew of Coaches

PS: If you came by on Halloween and got your pictures taken, you can download them or order prints of them from Brian’s website attached below!


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