Spartan 2021

By Coach Lisa Fun, Team Vashon Strong Comments Off on Spartan 2021

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2021 Spartan Sprint course this Sunday. It was so much fun – despite some pre-event nerves. And everyone finished without injury or burpee overload.

It was the perfect day for a race – not too hot and not too wet. And, as it was outside, I think we all felt a little less stress over COVID. Special props to Lisa, Siri and Ali for completing the mud feature (including having to swim under the wall!!) Kudos to Jonah Wolny for crushing it and hanging with the moms (LOL), and prizes to Katie, Erika and Jami for being among the first of our group to finish.

A major highlight of the day was from Jojo, Holly, Irene and Siri who not only moved a ton of weight (in comparison to their body-weight) in the Hoist, Atlas, Bucket and Sandbag carries – but were also nimble enough to complete the rings, monkey bars and rope climb without any burpee penalties! All entered with some trepidation that they wouldn’t be able to complete the obstacles, but proved how strong and capable they truly are!

Finally a HUGE Shout-out to Ami and Tammy (and their daughters) for organizing, cheerleading, and generally being some of the most bad-ass women we know. And one last big cheer… Tammy finally sunk her spear in the target on race-day.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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