Time to kick it up a notch? We’re here for you.

Deep dive into specific skills


We focus on developing multiple fitness domains every week – think endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. As we develop these capacities sometimes we need a little one-on-one to finesse a movement or to get to the next level with a technique.

A 30-min skill tutorial with a coach – once a week or one-off – can make a world of difference to your athletic development. You are the focus of the workout and can deep-dive into mechanics, drills, and strategy… plus we give you actionable take-ways to practice at home.

Work on high-skill and gymnastic movements like double-unders, handstands, toes-to-bar, and rope climbs; or dig into Olympic or Power lifting to build your strength, balance, and coordination. Whether you are new to the gym or are a more experienced athlete that would like to work on some specific skills, our coaches offer personal and semi-private sessions.


Time to kick it up a notch? We’re here for you.

You may cancel/reschedule your appointment with 12hrs notice, otherwise the full fee will be charged.