PRs and Perseverance

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PRs and Perseverance

In the last two weeks, i’ve set two PRs. They weren’t expected or easy, and both times I was a little scared. One the first one, I told the coach i’d be happy if I hit a weight that was significantly lower than what I ended up at. For the second, it wasn’t a one-rep max effort, it was a longer workout that I wasn’t sure if I could do it at the weight I chose, and I did.

For me, it goes to show what can happen when you don’t self-impose limitations. When you don’t set judgements on what you can do or not. When you don’t get caught up in what it means for you personally if you don’t make whatever lift. Add weights until it gets heavy! And when it’s heavy, keep going until it really gets up there, because you don’t know if you’re holding yourself back with self-talk. Listen to your coach, talk with them about how it looks and what you can improve. And if you fail, fail with dignity and with good form and it’ll be fine.

Rest, come back in two minutes, try it again.

I work out alone. A LOT. When you’re alone it’s really hard to get out of your own headspace. What workout am I doing again? Is this what I should be doing today? I feel pretty sore, maybe there’s something more productive I could be doing? It’s tough to achieve any sort of intensity when these kinds of thoughts are distracting you.

It’s important to me to walk the walk. Practice what I preach. It’s not always possible to work out in a class, but I love doing it and being pushed to be better each time. Two PRs in two weeks is a big deal. It’s not surprising to me that they were in a class. Because with a coach, they’re the ones who worry about all the things for you. What time is it? What time do we need to start the workout? What should the cool down be, and is it possible for 12 people to do that with the necessary equipment? Let someone else worry about that, you’ve got an hour to be free, work hard, and see what happens.

All we need to do, as athletes, is have fun.


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