October Mobility Newsletter

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October Mobility Newsletter
“You have the right to perform maintenance on your own body”

-Dr. Kelly Starrett

I highlight this in every workshop. We don’t have to outsource our health care. We have responsibility to these amazing machines that carry us through life. We brush our teeth to keep them strong. We wash our hair, our skin, and trim our nails. Our ligaments, joints and tendons are just as important.

Keeping tissues springy is paramount to aging. Much of the dysfunction of age is due to loss of strength and range of motion. When we ignore the smaller aches and pains we lose our chance of eliminating them. We suffer through, hoping they will go away. The pains get more frequent, limiting our movement until we finally “go see someone about it”.

If you need to see a medical professional, then trust your instincts. But when you notice an ache or twinge after a run it’s time to act. If you can’t get your arm over your head, that shoulder needs loosening up. Fully functioning humans can raise their arms overhead, elbows adjacent to the ears. I’m a TRS mobility coach because I find mobility techniques to be effective and quick. It isn’t the only modality available to you. Even a simple heating pad can be effective at softening tissues and increasing circulation.

Maintenance also means getting regular service done. We take our cars in to change the oil and rotate tires. For our bodies we can turn to the skilled, caring folks like sport coaches, health coaches, physical therapists, and massage therapists.

Coaches watch our form and correct our mechanics. Health coaches assist in keeping our body’s environment in line with our body’s needs for optimal health. Physical therapists help reset movement & restore function. Massage therapy helps you ease tight and sore tissues. It is second only to meditation in helping you relieve stress.

I’ll quote Dr. Starrett again, “You have the right to perform regular maintenance on your own body.” It grants agency to stop pain before it becomes so bad we need surgery or we stop doing things we enjoy. It inspires us to pay due attention to our truly awesome set of wheels.

Happy Mobility!

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