Whether you are a runner, dancer, weight-lifter, parent, grand-parent, or teen, good range-of-motion is vital for both optimum performance and pain-free movement. If you are looking to increase your overall mobility, recover from injury, or simply be active without pain, this series of workshops will help restore and build flexibility in all your body’s major systems.



Looking to increase your front-rack mobility, or simply open a jar of pickles pain-free, this workshop will help restore and build range-of-motion in these delicate joints.


Dec 8 @ 6:35pm

Chronic neck and shoulder stickyness is endemic in our computer-oriented lifestyles. Find the moves that will help you come unglued!


Dec 15 @ 6:35pm

Running, jumping, lifting, dancing... any movement on our feet needs good hip and ankle mobility. Take time to improve your whole leg function.

Spinal Mobility


Lumbar and thoracic spinal mobility is vital for protecting and supporting healthy back function. Learn techniques to safely restore balance to your backbone.

Coach Shannon brings a sense of calm and good humor to her deep knowledge of the body’s structure and human movement, making mobility work engaging and easy to follow. With simple exercises you can do at home, she will help you understand your dysfunctional movement patterns and give you the power to make healthy and informed changes.
Shannon’s nickname is “the Rock” which speaks to her grounded steadfastness. She’s an unashamed science nerd, passionate runner, and deeply connects with folks who have been trying to outrun weight gain all their lives.

LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist (25 years)

RRCA certified Running Coach

PHI Certified Health Coach

Movement & Mobility Coach certified by The Ready State

This is what we love to do.


1: No-sweat Intro

Schedule 15 mins to visit the gym and talk with the coach about your current fitness baseline, and goals moving forward.

2: On-ramp Essentials

Review fundamental movements in a one-on-one or small group setting, identify skills to work on and set achievable goals.

3: Your First Class

Check out a group class. We can scale any exercise to meet your fitness level, and have special classes for new members.

4: Become a Member

Join group classes regularly to hit the Workout of the Day! Challenge yourself, work hard, work harder, sweat, celebrate!

how do I start?

A little incentive

Feeling confident when you step into the gym makes all the difference, especially when you are new. We take the time to find out about your fitness goals and previous experience in a one-to-one setting and make sure you’ve got the basics before you join the larger group classes. Schedule your FREE “No-Sweat Intro Session” today.