Mindset and Perspective

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Hi All,

It can be hard to see the big picture. We’re obviously preoccupied with the small picture, and with good reason. Day to day life requires ‘small picture’ focus. Weeks, months and years steadily tick by this way. In the meantime, assumptions and premises that you constructed a long time ago to deal with short term situations still persist. Are they valid at this moment still? Is it time to reassess? While those assumptions may have been valuable earlier, are they now toxic?

What are you taking for granted? Do your old rules apply today?

Here were a few of mine: I can’t go to The Games this year. I can’t leave the gym. Some day. Next year.

This weekend those assumptions were proved false. I went to The Games, leaving the gym for six days! I met new people from boxes all over the country, and watched great athletes at the top of their game. CrossFit athletes are my favorite. They embody consistency, exude health, and aspire to humility.

My previous assumptions told me that the gym would come to a standstill. Instead, people hit PRs, pursued their health and fitness daily, got after it and worked hard My previous assumptions told me that I needed to be on the floor coaching, hovering, cleaning. Instead, I got updates from passionate coaches who are dedicated to caring. Dedicated to improving. Dedicated to their own development so they can be better coaches to the members that make up our community.

My birthday was on Saturday, 33 years old, woot! It’s interesting looking back and reassessing values that I learned when I was 16. Understandably, it’s time for those values to evolve.

A couple weeks ago, I got an email. It was titled something like “Secret Email about Madison”, in which I learned that many people had contributed money towards this trip. I wasn’t supposed to be on the list I guess, but i’m glad I was! To those of you who contributed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me.


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