Jack Of All Trades

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Hi Friends,

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one…

I played many many sports growing up, but when I was a freshman entering high school I weighed in at an underwhelming 101.2lbs. I remember walking the halls and feeling intimidated by juniors and seniors who were more physically developed than I. They had chest hair! I had barely grown peach fuzz on my legs…

One thing that helped was my Dad made sure I knew he considered strength to weight advantage to be more important than absolute strength. He had been taking me to the gym starting in elementary school. I felt strong and capable because I could do a fair number of pull-ups, and I could benchpress well relative to my size.

I gained weight as I went through puberty. I continued to lift, workout, wrestle, and play lots of other sports. By the time I was a junior, I was still only 130lbs but I was starting to look strong and my strength compared to my size continued to grow. I could hold my own with bigger, older kids in the weight room.

Our fitness programs emphasize a variety of skills and strength. And in our programs you don’t find weight classes…why is that? I appreciate the lack of weight discrimination, and in the sport of “CrossFit” if you are smaller and lighter, you simply train to become stronger. If you are bigger and already strong, you work on improving your bodyweight movements and improving your stamina and endurance.

One might think that it’s fruitless to try to be good at everything. Why wouldn’t you simply specialize in what you have a natural talent for and not leave the rest behind? I say yes, there is a time and place to optimize your skills and talents, but also we can flourish while pursuing excellence in multiple ways. I believe there is a type of person that rises to the occasion when given the opportunity to learn a new challenge. This type of person finds it enriching to recognize new skills. This type of person develops faith in themself and fosters a relationship with critical learning that is resilient and strong.

Happy Friday!

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