Holiday Gift Ideas

By Coach Lisa Fun Comments Off on Holiday Gift Ideas

Grips and sleeves and ropes… Oh my!

As the holiday season approaches, here are just a few ideas on what to give a CrossFitter for Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice – or birthday!

RPM makes great jump ropes that come in a variety of colors and styles. You can even make a customized version with handle engraving if you want to get really fancy!

The Rogue SR2 jump-ropes have a choice of long and shorter aluminum handles and also come in a variety of colors. You can change out the standard cable for a bare cable that really whips, and get additional screws to keep the rope in place. All cables are fully adjustable to your height.

And Rogue offers a “three ship for free” deal, so you can stock up on a few other goodies!

Rogue also offers a large line in knee sleeves from their own brand to the top of the line Rehband sleeves (make sure you purchase a pair – Rehband only sell sleeves in singles!) Whether you’re dealing with regular knee pain, recovering from an injury, or looking to prevent one, knee supports supply joint compression and warmth to promote better blood flow and reduce the direct strain on the knees.
Apparel and Shoes: T-shirts, tanks, and hoodies are a great way to fill a stocking, and there are multiple options out there.

Again, Rogue is a great resource, but check out Reebok, as they always have sales on during the holidays.

NoBull is the new kid on the block, and their gear is great – but runs on the more pricy side.

Lifters, Metcons, Nanos – the list of shoes are endless and can make a significant difference to your lifting, rope climbs etc. Check out Rogue, Reebok, and Nike as well as NoBull and Inov8!

And of course you can get CrossFit Vashon gear online at our affiliate store 🙂

Rogue also supplies gymnastic grips from a few different brands. They are designed to protect your hands during pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes-t-bar, etc. There are two and three-hole options, and it’s important to measure your hand to size correctly. I like Bear Komplex and Victory grips.

You can shop around on the internet to find the best deals – and talk to members at the gym if they have grips, so you can see what they look and feel like.

These are just a few ideas – once you visit these sites, you’ll see SO much more, it’ll make your head spin. The things that have made the most difference for me personally are owning a jump-rope, lifters, and grips. Oh, and shoes… lots of shoes.

There are plenty of deals out there at this time of year, so once you find something, be sure to shop around.

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