Haters Gonna Hate

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on Haters Gonna Hate

Hi Friends,

The goal is to be a little bit better than you were last time.

It’s so common to compare ourselves to other people instead of our past selves. The whiteboard has a tough workout written on it, and we think “This day is WASTED. Not only can I not do this workout, but other people CAN do it and that makes it worst!”

We all know this pattern of thinking. For me, the movement I don’t want to see is heavy Push Jerks. My inner voice says I should be able to do more weight. My inner voice reminds me how many opportunities i had to practice this movement that I skipped. My inner voice recalls the massive gap between where I am and where I want to be. It tells me I should just forget about it and focus on other things that are less disturbing.

We’re human. We put things off that we don’t want to do. We avoid things that are challenging to our egos. We look to maximize our wins and to minimize our losses.

Honestly, that voice shuts up as soon as I get started. That inner voice is kind of a blowhard. Do I dislike push jerks any less? No. But do I have to suffer further superfluous and misguided inner commentary while I lift? Nope.

Be a little stronger than yesterday. Try that challenging movement, see if you can make progress on it. Make it the most profound and present experience of the day.

Happy Friday!

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