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CrossFit Games Inspiration

CrossFit Vashon started out as ‘Vashon Strong: Strength and Conditioning”. We weren’t ‘affiliated’ with CrossFit at the time because of the fee associated with it. When you ‘affiliate’ you’re known as a ‘CrossFit Affiliate’. You’re still free to become whatever type business you choose (as opposed to a franchise), but with the support of insurance, continuing education, and training material. Deciding to affiliate was easy and I was extremely proud to do so (last year). I remember sitting in a circle on the gym floor before the Open, amazed and grateful.

Why was I proud?

CrossFit has done so much to redefine the fitness industry. CrossFit has integrated public health, wellness, and fitness together. Away from unrealistic body expectations, and towards measurable improvements in fitness metrics. Away from 6minute six-pack programs, and towards a fellowship of training, recovery, nutrition, sleep, and mindset. Away from ‘get-fit-quick’ scams, and towards a consensus of information from professionals across many domains of sport. Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, Triathlon Training, and Gymnastics to name a few. This resonates with me because i’ve always loved learning about different disciplines. It also resonates with me, because at The CrossFit Games this weekend, I get to watch the pinnacle of CrossFit! As a sport, it’s amazing to watch. The capacity of these top athletes is incredible.

As a training methodology, CrossFit is an in depth conversation on the broad umbrella of health. With the rise of CrossFit, i’ve seen ripples into many domains of medicine: physical therapy, exercise physiology, chronic disease management, addiction, and behavioral psychology to name a few. Professionals from these fields have expertise to share, patients to help, diseases to stop, and CrossFit can help them do this.

In the end, it comes down to us. To move toward wellness. To ask for help when necessary. To identify weaknesses and triggers. To understand behaviors that aren’t serving us…and to strategically and mindfully move away from them.


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