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Online Payment Structure Available  Easier management of monthly dues Visit the ‘schedule and fees’ tab at Payment by the 5th of each month is appreciated Cash/Check also accepted Visit the payment page for more details or to set up your recurring payment.

For those who are interested in taking your performance in the gym to the next level, you must ask yourself what you eat, when you eat it, and how much?  More than any supplement, protein shake, caffeinated drink, or multi-vitamin, the food you eat is your primary source that has real effect on your energy[…]

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The concept of functional fitness is much more complex than traditional views would have you believe. More than appearance, weight, or how much you can lift, we are focused on improving competence in a range of skills: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. We do this by training major lifts, mastering[…]

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We’ve had an amazing March! Full of hard workouts and grit, laughs and sweat and no-quit attitudes. A big THANK YOU to all for coming to the Last-Friday BBQ and for bringing amazing dishes for everyone’s enjoyment! We hope to keep the tradition going and enjoy many more monthly get-togethers over the spring and summer.[…]

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For time: 500m Row 30 Floor press 45#/30# Dumbells 15Pushups 1000m Row 30 Floor press 45#/30# Dumbells 15Pushups 2000m Row 30 Floor press 45#/30# Dumbells 15Pushups