Bright Spots Friday!

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Routine is precious and precarious.

When we’re kids, we benefit from structure. We know from personal experience. As a youth coach myself it’s something that is talked about in seminars on how to set students up for success. When we wake up at the same time every day, have stability in our meal times, and know that at 3:30pm we are going to soccer practice, we can relax and focus on performance.

As adults in a work schedule we’re familiar with it too. Routine cuts down on the volume of superfluous decisions requiring attention. It frees up time and energy to focus on more relevant projects. Has everyone heard the parable about how Steve Jobs wore the infamous same outfit every day so he didn’t waste time in the morning staring at his wardrobe? Obviously, as normal humans that don’t care about designing the next Iphone, we prefer the amount of autonomy we have, and we enjoy holding options open for multiple hobbies, passions, and projects.

Kids and adults both experience a similar manifestation of this when building mastery of a skill. When you start a learning process, there are so many details to pay attention to that motor control is hindered. As you become more familiar, you gradually increase the number of actions you take for granted and decrease the number of details to keep track of. Your brain clears, your body relaxes, and instead of struggling through “Row Row Row Your Boat” you flow through “Flight of the Bumblebee”.

At the gym, we coaches get a sense of what our athletes are going through. Indirectly, we see the effects of a well balanced workload or a routine that’s perhaps been thrown off by unexpected circumstances. We see it, and we’re here for you.

We know that exercise can have the same effects as an antidepressant medication. We know that going to the gym with a coach actually SAVES an hour of time because it’s focused, directed, and on track for that whole hour. We know that in the long run, it saves $$ because people who are healthy and in shape need less in terms of long term healthcare.

We’re not here to add things to your plate, we’re here to help take them off.

Happy Friday!

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