Catch Up

In CrossFit workouts, we don't think in terms of 'Upper Body' or 'Lower Body'. That's something that's different about CrossFit
One of the questions I get asked most often is how do I, personally, eat? Do I hate carbs? Am
PRs and Perseverance In the last two weeks, i've set two PRs. They weren't expected or easy, and both times
Here’s why you should stop referring to your core as ‘weak’. If you asked me to throw a baseball with
As I arrived in Chicago, I was starting things off right. I had a complete breakfast of overnight-oats with eggs
Traveling Nutrition and Fitness Thoughts:   You don’t have your own bed. Your own routine. Or your own kitchen. Likely
by Max Baumann So far, I've been to CrossFit Box's in 11 other countries...The worldwide love for CrossFit is energizing
‘18 months ago I played a game of soccer with kids resulting in several weeks of sore knees. Recently, after 6
Practice Safe-Softball It's the spring-time, and the weather is fine! It's time for softball with the friends. The problem is
Our Memorial Day Community WOD is... "Body Armor"1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 airsquats, 1 mile run. *Wearing
Many people get caught up in the workout, but afterwards can't remember how much weight they had on the bar.
Do you have trouble keeping up with all the terminology? AMRAPs and EMOMs and 'For Time' and DB PCs...what the