Catch Up

Procrastinating on Fitness
Hi All, Perfectionism can get in the way of accomplishing anything. When I was growing up, a running theme throughout
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Why Aesthetics Are More Important Than ‘Looks’
Hi All, Aesthetics are part of life. Not as simple as just ‘looks’, aesthetics are informed by form and function.
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How to Rx, Every Time
Hi All, I told you last week about Wrestling being my first sport. Here’s how it led me to CrossFit:
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The Myth of the ‘Rest Day’
Hi All, The myth of the ‘rest day’ is the same as that of the ‘cheat day’. In reality, there’s
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The Difference Between Training and Competing
There’s a difference between ‘training’ and ‘competing’. and I am drawn to CrossFit because of this difference. When I was
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Mindset and Perspective
Hi All, It can be hard to see the big picture. We’re obviously preoccupied with the small picture, and with
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CrossFit Games Post
CrossFit Games Inspiration CrossFit Vashon started out as ‘Vashon Strong: Strength and Conditioning”. We weren’t ‘affiliated’ with CrossFit at the
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Be Powerful
In CrossFit workouts, we don’t think in terms of ‘Upper Body’ or ‘Lower Body’. That’s something that’s different about CrossFit
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A Steady and Determined Pace
One of the questions I get asked most often is how do I, personally, eat? Do I hate carbs? Am
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PRs and Perseverance
PRs and Perseverance In the last two weeks, i’ve set two PRs. They weren’t expected or easy, and both times
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Why your ‘Core’ isn’t weak
Here’s why you should stop referring to your core as ‘weak’. If you asked me to throw a baseball with
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Nutrition Post 2: Travel Blog Prequel
As I arrived in Chicago, I was starting things off right. I had a complete breakfast of overnight-oats with eggs
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