Catch Up

This video is designed to help each athlete navigate the "whys and hows" behind progressions (or scaling), understand the CrossFit
Hi All, In my first year of Ski Patrolling I went out for an early work a white-out blizzard
Hi All, I love the mountains, I love skiing, and I love health. Prior to becoming a paramedic, I got
Hi All, "Isn't that bad for you??" one of the most common questions in the fitness industry. It's mentioned
Hi All, If a patient with a heart condition goes to see a Doctor, they might get told what they
Hi All, Perfectionism can get in the way of accomplishing anything. When I was growing up, a running theme throughout
Hi All, Aesthetics are part of life. Not as simple as just 'looks', aesthetics are informed by form and function.
Hi All, I told you last week about Wrestling being my first sport. Here's how it led me to CrossFit:
Hi All, The myth of the 'rest day' is the same as that of the 'cheat day'. In reality, there's
There's a difference between 'training' and 'competing'. and I am drawn to CrossFit because of this difference. When I was
Hi All, It can be hard to see the big picture. We're obviously preoccupied with the small picture, and with
CrossFit Games Inspiration CrossFit Vashon started out as 'Vashon Strong: Strength and Conditioning". We weren't 'affiliated' with CrossFit at the