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Best Nutrition Philosophy: Habits or Rules?
Many diets start out with rules about deprivation. No sugar. No alcohol. No Dairy. No grains. These kind of diets
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Why Most Gyms Get Started
Most gyms get started so that the person who starts them can focus on their own fitness. You can spend
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What If We Achieved ‘Good Enough’ Instead Of Perfect?
Hi All, What if we accepted ‘good enough’ as the goal? How many things would we be able to move
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Brush Your Teeth, And Workout Every Day
I don’t brush my teeth because it’s fun, I do it because I know I have to. Every day. I
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Holiday Gift Ideas
Grips and sleeves and ropes… Oh my! As the holiday season approaches, here are just a few ideas on what
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Staying Fit Through The Holidays
Ho Ho Ho! Over The Holidays And Through The New Year! How to stay in shape during the holidays? You
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Building The Plane While You Fly It
Hi All, When starting a business, the prevailing advice is: Just get started. Don’t wait for it to be perfect.
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Scaling for Success
This video is designed to help each athlete navigate the "whys and hows" behind progressions (or scaling), understand the CrossFit
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Being a Great Ski Patroller with CrossFit
Hi All, In my first year of Ski Patrolling I went out for an early work mission…in a white-out blizzard
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Ski Patrolling and CrossFit: Acceptable levels of risk
Hi All, I love the mountains, I love skiing, and I love health. Prior to becoming a paramedic, I got
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Paramedicine and CrossFit: Tipping the balance
Hi All, “Isn’t that bad for you??” …is one of the most common questions in the fitness industry. It’s mentioned
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Cascade Classic Reflections
Hi All, If a patient with a heart condition goes to see a Doctor, they might get told what they
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