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In CrossFit workouts, we don’t think in terms of ‘Upper Body’ or ‘Lower Body’.

That’s something that’s different about CrossFit compared to how we have traditionally thought about weightlifting. In traditional weightlifting like when I grew up going to the Athletic Club, you would see people exercising ‘Arms and Shoulders’, ‘Legs and Back’, ‘Bi’s and Tri’s’, ‘Calves and whatever’ all separately.

Training muscles in isolation is not applicable to any physical challenge. In what situation or physical activity do you ever use a muscle in isolation? Never.

In CrossFit we think about what metabolic systems we’re using, and what our energy output can be with each of those systems. Your body uses different mechanisms for different type of demand. Variety in the types of challenges you do is key to building a broad base of fitness.

We want to increase our capacity to do Work. Develop your work capacity and you will challenge your body to build muscle mass and burn body fat.

It’s Physics:

Work = Energy. These terms are different names for the same thing. Work is Force x Distance. Energy is 1/2 mv2  

We know them by different names, but their units are the same: kg m2/s2

Power = Energy/Time, which is the same as ‘Work Capacity’

When you row for Calories, don’t think of food. If you can row 20 calories in a minute, you’ve demonstrated a measurable amount of Power because the Calorie is a unit of energy that you’ve just sustained over a given amount of time.

We don’t workout so we can utilize one muscle at a time. Instead, we strive to be more powerful human beings.

Happy Friday!

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