A Steady and Determined Pace

By Coach Josh Workout Comments Off on A Steady and Determined Pace

One of the questions I get asked most often is how do I, personally, eat? Do I hate carbs? Am I Paleo, Keto, what? And the answer to all of those is no. I’m PA-KETO-LEO-ZONE. It’s new.

Just kidding, but the underlying question there is this: What am I doing?

Just like you, I am learning as I go. I’m no master of nutrition, nor of self-discipline. I’m on this journey too. Right there alongside you. Certainly not ahead at some ultimate resting point. In my own personal journey i’ve studied many different areas of fitness. I’ve gone through certifications for coaching Skiing (PSIA L1), Wrestling, Tennis, Nutrition (PN L1) and of course CrossFit (CF L1, CF L2, CrossFit Kids, Olympic Weightlifting, and Gymnastics). I got my BA in Physics, which is not a coaching certification but IS reflective of how much I value fundamentals and learning.

I’m happy to lend guidance if you’re going through something that I feel I have gone through before. I work on my fitness consistently, just like you. I’m far from perfect, and I find areas that i’d like to improve all the time. Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I haven’t improved exponentially and am not the best athlete in the world…yet.

I have periods where I look back at my diet and think…Uh oh.

I can also confidently say that i’m fitter than I ever have been. I out-perform my younger self, I’m happier with my body, more in tune with my abilities, and have greater capacity. Time and consistency throughout the journey add depth.

Like a hiker eating up the miles with a steady and determined stride.


Ps. If you’re reading this and don’t know how to get started, here’s the link to a No Sweat Intro (A free consult with me) and let’s talk about your journey.

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